Tibor Tar

Main professional filed: Engineering
Sub-professional field: Manufacturing agricultural machinery

Address: Hungary, H-4031 Debrecen, Szoboszlói út 50.
Mobile: +36 30 467 5255
E-mail: tar.tibor@ttengineering.hu
Personal record at the Ministry of Juctice: List of the registered experts

The task of the judicial expert is to provide assistance to the court, prosecution, or police during the proceeding by way of objective, unbiased opinion in relation to matter within their expertise. The judicial expert is appointed by the competent regional court or by the Ministry of Justice. The Judicial expert helps to establish the facts during proceeding and provide an expert opinion for what he or she uses the latest scientific or technical results.

My area of expertise is mechanical engineering, focusing on manufacturing agricultural machinery. I work as a mechanical engineer on a daily basis, constantly in the field of machine design and construction of industrial production machines and special single purpose machinery.

The company I run is a Judicial expert company registered at the Hungarian Ministry of Justice, and I carry out expert activities for Courts, Prosecutor's Offices, Police and National Tax and Customs Offices.

I'm currently running my own engineering office and workshop and actively take part daily from designing, manufacturing, and building machines.

I am a member of the Hungarian Chamber of Judicial Experts as a registered Judicial Expert of Hungarian Ministry of Justice and the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers.

As a technical judicial expert, I undertake in litigation and non-litigation cases in Hungarian and English:

  • Establishing technical condition and value of Agricultural machinery;
  • Establishing technical condition and value of Industrial machinery;
  • Creating expert report to help to decide on warranty issues;
  • Establishing technical condition for insurance issues;
  • Feasibility-, manufacturing studies of industrial machinery design;
  • Estimating cost of prototype manufacturing and examining the accuracy of existing or previous quotation;
  • Reviewing Warranty and Production Issues

Best regards,
Tibor Tar
Technical Judicial Expert